Clouds Hill Recordings

VR Studio Tour – Experience the magic of an analogue music studio virtually.

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Rolle * Creative Direction
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Clouds Hill Recordings was founded by Johann Scherer and is an analogue recording studio with a connected living space for musicians.

Here they can leisure, be inspired and become productive. Famous artists like Pete Doherty, Bosnian Rainbows, Omar Alfredo Rodriguez Lopez, Faust, Stella and 1000 Robota have recorded their albums here.

Many musicians no longer know the special creative magic of an analogue recording studio.

Therefore, they often record their music decoupled with inexpensive and uniform digital recording techniques.

In a virtual 360° studio tour, musicians can immersively experience the original vintage sound and the analogue room atmosphere - as if they were there themselves.

The resulting VR experience sets new qualitative standards in sound, visuals and technology.

In the meantime, thousands of professional musicians from Berlin to Tokyo, Los Angeles to London have visited the studios virtually and experienced the inner magic.


Concept and production: 747studios
Development: 747studios
Postproduction: nonstoprevolutionmedia & 747studios
Grading: Stefan Schmidt
Audio recording & Processing: Elbstudios
UI concept: Philipp Mooren
UI programming: finekost
Main-programming: Karol Majeran / arapps3d


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