Bosch Mobility

Join the Coup – mobile freedom for urban cities via on-demand e-scooters.

Studio * BCG Digital Ventures
Rolle * Experience Design Director
Tags * Venture * Branding * Innovation * UX


Many of us know Bosch mainly as a household and DIY tools manufacturer.

Yet Bosch is one of the most important suppliers to the global mobility industry. So our task was to develop ideas that give urban areas environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility.


Join the Coup - an e-scooter sharing service usable via the app.

With flexible parking, low-cost, low-noise and environmentally friendly rides, Europe's largest and most innovative cities are electrified.


In a small team, we worked using agile methods and design thinking.

In the first phase, we developed hundreds of ideas that connected future markets with Bosch's inventory and potential.

Of these, we fleshed out 15 ideas and selected the three best at the end. These were then incubated in individual ventures and brought to market. The third step was the brand and market launch of Join the Coup.

For four years, hundreds of Coups electrified the European epicentres of Berlin, Paris, and Moscow. They helped save considerable amounts of Co2, noise and parking space with tens of thousands of rides.

Bosch has learned through BCG DV how to redefine itself in disruptive times with innovative ideas in the market and bring ideas to the road with agility.


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