BMW Global

Let digital natives experience the new BMW X2 via AR.

Agency * Jung von Matt
Rolle * Creative Direction * UX Direction
Tags * Campaign * Social Media * Innovation


For the market launch of the BMW X2, we were briefed to create a global digital highlight.

Through our research, it became clear that the favourite app for this venture is Snapchat.


Via Snapcodes, online films and Snap Ads, the users entered the BMW X2 Snapalizer.

With the World Lense of the smartphone, they could place the X2 in front of them, scale it, configure it and even walk around it and discover it virtually.


The aspiration was to implement as realistic a 3D vehicle model as possible with a low loading time.

So we created a low-polygon version of the X2 and used normal mapping where a realistic 'skin' is placed on a digital wireframe.

In collaboration with Snapchat's development team, we pushed the limits of Snapchat's AR engine to create an immersive visual experience.

We reached 42 million digital natives, who thanked us with more than 1.5 million snaps and an average stay of 56 seconds.

The work was celebrated globally by the tech and design press and won 7 prestigious awards.


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